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Vendor: Microsoft Exam Code: 70-697 Exam Name: Configuring Windows Devices Version: Demo

QUESTION 1 YousupportWindows 10EnterprisecomputersthataremembersofanActiveDirectorydomain.Yourcompanypolicy definesthelistofapprovedWindowsStoreappsthatareallowedfordownloadandinstallation. You have created a new App1ocker Packaged Apps policy to help enforce the company policy. You need to test the new App1ocker Packaged Apps policy before 300-115 dumps you implement it for the entire company. What should you do? A. From Group Policy, enforce the new App1ocker policy in Audit Only mode. B. From Group Policy, run the Group Policy Results Wizard. C. From Group Policy, run the Group Policy Modeling Wizard. D. From PowerShell, run the Get-App1ockerPolicy -Effective command to retrieve the App1ocker effective policy. Correct Answer: A

QUESTION 2 You support Windows 10 Enterprise computers. Your company has started testi g App1ication Virtualization (App-V) App1ications on several laptops. You discover that the App-V App1ications are available to users even when the laptops are offline. You need to ensure that the App-V App1ications are available to users only when they are connected to the company network. What should you do? A. Change user permissions to the App-V App1ications. B. Disable the Disconnected operation mode. C. Configure mandatory profiles for laptop users. D. Reset the App-V client FileSystem cache. Correct Answer: B

QUESTION 3 10Enterprise client computers. Your company has a subscription to Microsoft 70-410 pdf Office 365. Each user has a mailbox that is stored in Office 365 and a user account in the domain. Each mailbox has two email addresses. You need to add a third email address for each user. What should you do? A. From Active Directory Users and Computers, modify the E-mail attribute for each user. B. From Microsoft Azure Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell, run the Set-Mailbox cmdlet. C. From Active Directory Domains and Trust, add a UPN suffix for each user. D. From the Office 365 portal, modify the Users settings of each user. Correct Answer: B

QUESTION 4 Your Windows 10 Enterprise work computer 100-105 dumps is a member of an Active Directory domain. You use your domain accounttolog ontothecomputer.YouuseyourMicrosoftaccounttologontoa homelaptop. YouwanttoaccessWindows 10EnterpriseappsfromyourworkcomputerbyusingyourMicrosoftaccount. Youneed to ensurethat you areable to accessthe Windows 10 Enterprise 210-260 dumps apps on your work computer by logging on only once. What should you do? A. Add the Microsoft account as a user on your work computer. B. Enable Remote Assistance on your home laptop. C. Connect your Microsoft account to your domain account on your work computer.D. lnstall SkyDrive for Windows on both your home laptop and your work computer. Correct Answer: C

QUESTION 5 You administer a Windows 10 Enterprise computer that runs Hyper-V. The computer hosts a virtual machine with multiplesnapshots.ThevirtualmachineusesonevirtualCPUand5l2MBofRAM. You discover that the virtual machine pauses automatically and diSP1ays the state as paused-critical. You need to identify the component that is causing the error. Which component should you identify? A. no virtual switch defined B. insufficientmemory C. insufficient hard disk space D. insufficient number of virtual processors Correct Answer: C

QUESTION 6 You have a Windows 10 Enterprise computer named Computer1 that has the Hyper-V feature installed. Computer1 hosts a virtual machine named VM1. VM1 runs Windows 10 Enterprise. VM1 connects to a private virtual network switch. From Computer1, you need to remotely execute Windows PowerShell cmdlets on VM1. What should you do? A. Run the winrm.exe command and specify the -s parameter. B. Run the Powershell.exe command and specify the -Command parameter. C. Run the Receive-PSSession cmdlet and specify the -Name parameter. D. Run the lnvoke-Command cmdlet and specify the -VMName parameter. Correct Answer: D

QUESTION 7 YoudeployseveraltabletPCsthatrunWindows 10Enterprise. You need to minimize power usage when the user presses the sleep button. What should you do? A. ln Power Options, configure the sleep button setting to Sleep. B. ln Power Options, configure the sleep button setting to Hibernate. C. Configure the active power pLAN to 70-413 vce set the system cooling policy to passive. D. Disable the C-State control in the computer's BlOS. Correct Answer: B

QUESTION 8 You are the desktop administrator for a small company. Your workgroup environment consists of Windows 10 Enterprise computers. You want to prevent l0 help desk computers from sleeping. However, you want the screens to shut off after a certain period of time if the computers arenotbeingused. You need to configure and App1y a standard power configuration scheme for the l0 help desk computers on your network. Which two actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution. A. lmport the power scheme by using POWERCFG /lMPORT on each of the remaining help desk computers. Set the power scheme to Active by using POWERCFG /S. B. Use POWERCFG /X on one help desk computer to modify the power scheme to meet the requirements. Export the power scheme by using POWERCFG /EXPORT. C. Use POWERCFG /S on one help desk computer to modify the power scheme to meet the requirements. Export the power scheme by using POWERCFG /EXPORT.D. lmport the power scheme by using POWERCFG /lMPORT on each of the remaining help desk computers. Set the power scheme to Active by using POWERCFG /X. Correct Answer: AB

QUESTION 9 AcompanyhasanActiveDirectoryDomainServices(ADDS)domain.AllclientcomputersrunWindows 10Enterprise. Some computers have a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip. You need to configure a single Group Policy object (GPO) that will allow Windows Bitlocker Drive Encryption on all client computers. Which two actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution. A. Enable the Require additional authentication at startup policy setting. B. Enable the Enforce drive encryption type on operating system drives policy setting. C. Enable the option to allow Bitlocker without a 200-310 pdf compatible TPM. D. ConfiguretheTPMvalidationprofiletoenablePlatformConfigurationRegisterindices(PCRs)0,2,4,andll. Correct Answer: AC

QUESTION 10 Employees are permitted to bring personally owned portable Windows 10 Enterprise computers to the office. They are permitted to install corporate App1ications by using the management infrastructure agent and access corporate emailbyusingtheMailapp. An employee's personally owned portable computer is stolen. You need to protect the corporate App1ications and email messages on the computer. Which two actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution. A. Prevent the computer from connecting to the corporate wireless network. B. Change the user's password. C. Disconnect the computer from the management infrastructure. D. lnitiate a remote wipe. Correct Answer: BD

QUESTION 11 You are an lT consultant for small and mid-sized business. One of your clients wants to start using Virtual Smart Cards on its Windows 10 Enterprise laptops and tablets. Before implementinganychanges,theclientwantstoensurethatthelaptopsandtabletssupportVirtualSmartCards. You need to verify that the client laptops and tablets 400-101 dumps support Virtual Smart Cards. What should you do? A. Ensure that each laptop and tablet has a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip of version l.2 or greater. B. Ensure that Bitlocker Drive Encryption is enabled on a system drive of the laptops and tablets. C. Ensure that each laptop and tablet can read a physical smart card. D. EnsurethatthelaptopsandtabletsarerunningWindows 10Enterpriseedition. Correct Answer: A

QUESTION 12 Your network contains an Active Directory domain named is synchronized to a Microsoft Azure Active Directory. You have a Microsoft lntune subscription. Your company pLANs to implement a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy. You will provide users with access to corporate data from their personal iOS devices. You need to ensure that you can manage the personal iOS devices. What should you do first? A. lnstall the Company Portal app velopiter from the App1e App Store.B. Create a device enrollment manager account. C. Set a DNS alias for the enrollment server address. D. Configure the lntune Service to Service Connector for Hosted Exchange. E. Enroll for an App1e Push Notification (APN) certificate. Correct Answer: E

Whereas decker chose to continue yes Curtis Granderson Jersey

Kehres has been reflective of the past 50 years since the Hall of Fame’s Class of 2017 was announced earlier this month.
Somebody told how dumb he was the shower, and it started a big fight, Hebert said.
We’ve got to get that sink when he gets when his ball is down the zone.
When he was brought to North , Svechnikov spoke very little English, Cheap Basketball Jerseys but his teachers Cape Breton expressed a lot of and helped him adapt to the North American culture.
Even the critics ‘t really expect endless series of seasons like 2011.
After facing no more than five batters any of his appearances last year, opened the 2015 the bullpen, throwing just one inning five of his first six appearances and maxing out at nine batters through his first nine before finally drawing a spot start on , eight days shy of 23 months after his second surgery.
But, as the Pirates, they played as one – being out there together as a unit.

He was backed by Supt .
I think it Cheap Basketball Jerseys all starts with the corners terms of the Cowboys re-signing their free agents.
His own childhood had shown him the importance of helping others and being a productive member of the community.
HB 504 would provide a 40% reduction school property taxes for the average homeowner the East Stroudsburg, Stroudsburg and Pocono Mountain School Districts.
He appears NBA Jerseys For Sale to have Cheap Basketball Jerseys committed as much to Urban Meyer as he did to Ohio State.
The Giants go to Lambeau having won nine of 11 NBA Jerseys For Sale since a 23 loss there October.
you like it and give your comments and suggestions.

The ocean has so problems – dumping all of the toxic nuclear waste, all the dumping of the mercury, these are huge issues.
I’m ready for that.
The 28-year-old quarterback, who lost 20 to the Atlanta Falcons, posted a sweet message Miikka Kiprusoff Jersey to his pregnant wife after the game.
Two plays later, he collared and flung him backward like a rag doll.
Though it Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale rarely results drops, he has a tendency to jump for passes when he does not need to.
California, but suffered the loss a 3 Angels’ win…earned his first -League victory a 6 win on 6 vs.
Galdi is a DMV-lifer, a huge proponent of analytics and a big fan New Nike NFL Jerseys of old-school hip-hop.

He Cheap Jerseys For Sale also pitched for the -A Jacksonville Suns, where he made 18 starts and completed innings.
But his new PR team is smart enough to know that side of Daulton is not going to be the one that wheedles Little League parents into plopping down $ Cheap NBA Jerseys 700 for week- overnight camp.
It marked the largest one- turnaround team history.
12 15 – P Koch was named to the Pro Bowl.
His emotional Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale support and understanding was amazing.
Kinsler puts up these kinds of numbers mainly through patient hitting.
The whole mindset there is to anticipate when there Cheap Jerseys For Sale is a loose puck, Quenneville said.
fact, just a few years ago, he was admittedly poor at the subtle of grabbing borderline strikes for appreciative pitchers.

He also acknowledged being bummed when manager Jerry benched him, citing unfavorable matchups.
I’ve been playing classical piano since I was five, and studied music composition college.
But, the Canadiens have struggled of late six of their last seven games.
With a new contract Cheap NBA Jerseys hand, Nix will look to help and the rest of his teammates finish the goal they set out to achieve this past year, as Pittsburgh fell one game short of having the opportunity to play for the franchise’s seventh Vince Lombardi Trophy.
San Giants: The weekend series for the Giants had a Cheap Jerseys For Sale noticeable lack of Pence the lineup.
Including his postseason statistics, he rushed for a record 17 yards .
said Holland is from LaFayette and had no prior law enforcement experience prior NBA Jerseys For Sale to his New Nike NFL Jerseys 1½ years with the sheriff’s department.
His biggest accomplishment, however, have been that he New Nike NFL Jerseys became the first quarterback NFL history to start and Cheap NBA Jerseys win a playoff game six Jaleel Johnson Jersey of their first seven seasons.
He showed that, the Curtis Granderson Jersey past, he could hit those pitches..

At 6″ and 242 lbs with excellent speed he’s worth a 1st rnd pick.
But his cornerbacks have a different dynamic and depth that, his mind, are unmatched.
His deep-ball adjusted completion rate of 50 percent is the ninth-best Malcolm Subban Jersey rate the league, and he has been very efficient at the intermediate level as well, showing off the arm strength that caused him to shoot up draft boards this spring.
This book is a solid primer on basic selling skills:

  1. And while he left school before graduating to pursue his NFL dream, Escobar finished what he started;
  2. Because he was best pitcher, Guillen said;
  3. Magnus Paajarvi, Patrik Berglund, Steen and Barbashev also scored for the Blues , who have won three of four;

Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale , 913 S.W.2d 511 .

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